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SPARK (Simple Platform for Agent-based Representation of Knowledge) is a cross-platform, free software for multi-scale agent-based modeling (ABM). Specifically, it provides some unique features for biomedical model development at the systems level. Our goal is to provide a lightweight, convenient, extensible and computationally efficient platform for ABM modelers. SPARK is under continuous development by the team at CIRM at the University of Pittsburgh.

Users Group

Cytokine level being monitored

Figure: Cytokine level being monitored in a sample of liver tissue
infected by Hepatitis C. blue dots - virus; green - HMGB1; red dots - portal triads.


Solovyev, A., Mikheev, M., Zhou, L., Dutta-Moscato, J., Ziraldo, C., An, G., Vodovotz, Y. and Mi, Q., SPARK: A Framework for Multi-Scale Agent-based Biomedical Modeling, International Journal of Agent Technologies and Systems, 2010, 2(3):18-30.

Dutta-Moscato, J.; Solovyev, A.; Mi, Q.; Nishikawa, T.; Soto-Gutierrez, A.; Fox, I.; Vodovotz, Y. A multiscale agent-based model of liver fibrosis progression. Frontiers Bioeng. Biotechnol. 2014. 2: Article 18.

Ziraldo, C.; Solovyev, A.; Allegretti, A.; n, S.; Henzel, M.K.; Sowa, G.A.; Brienza, D.; An, G.; Mi, Q.; Vodovotz, Y. A Computational, tissue-realistic model of pressure ulcer formation in individuals with spinal cord injury. PLoS Comp. Biol. 2015. 11:e1004309.

Development Team

Author: Alexey Solovyev
Developers: Alexy Solovyey, Maxim Mikheev, Qi Mi
Project Managers: Leming Zhou, Joyeeta Dutta-Moscato, Cordelia Ziraldo, Gary An
CIRM Director: Prof. Yoram Vodovotz